• Premium Organic Moringa

    Linda Moringa offers the highest quality Moringa you can get. It's simple: The higher the quality the more nutrients you receive per dose.

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    I spent my life helping others as a registered nurse. Have a question? Allow me to help you understand how Moringa can change your life for the better.

  • Organic Moringa

    Our Moringa products are: premium, pure, organic, non-gmo, vegan, carefully handled, fair trade, and ecologically responsible. What more could you want?

  • Moringa from Africa

    Our Moringa is sourced from Malawi and Tanzania Africa which offers ideal growing conditions for the Moringa tree. We practice fair trade.

Premium Organic Moringa

The World's Most Nutritional Superfood

Also known as the "Tree of Life", Moringa oleifera is arguably the world most nutritious superfood. In poor countries it's used to fight malnutrition due to its rich nutritional value. Moringa offers amazing health benefits and has many well documented cases studies that prove its effectiveness. If you want to make a significant difference in your health, Moringa is the superfood that can offer amazing results.

The Linda Moringa Difference

Linda Moringa offers superior premium quality Moringa. Our products are not only organic but they are also pure and handled with great care. Make no mistake, the Moringa from Linda Moringa is superior. There are 2 primary reasons why you should buy your Moringa directly from Linda Moringa: Superior product and free personal support.

Reasons to buy from Linda Moringa:

Handling: It's a closely guarded trade secret but we use unique harvesting techniques which produce superior quality organic products. This has not gone unnoticed by our competitors.

Pure: Our Moringa is pure. Not all Moringa is equal. In most third world countries where Moringa is grown it can easily be tainted with low quality fresh water or even salt water which reduces the quality of the final products. We ensure our products stay pure and free of cross contamination.

Organic: Our products are organically grown and harvested. Certified Organic.

Potent: Higher quality product yields a more potent tree. Our Moringa is more potent than many other brands which equals a better value for you.

Free Personal Support: Want to know how Moringa can help you? Just pick up the phone and call or e-mail me. My name is Linda and I am a registered nurse. I offer free support and professional guidance pertaining to Moringa. The reason I started selling Moringa was because of the difference Moringa has made in my life and in those around me. Offering Moringa is not some hobby, it's my way of life. Allow me to help you!

Vegan and Vegetarian: All of our Moringa products are vegan and vegetarian.

Non-GMO (genetically modified organism): You can rest assured all of our products are non-gmo.

Ecologically Responsible: We abide by several ecological principles to ensure that the land is not drained of its resources and that our Moringa can be sustainably produced at a high-quality. We provide this expertise to our fair producers and support them in implementing these principles.

Fair Trade: We expect that high quality standards are met by our producers. Of course, if you work hard to ensure this quality, you should be paid accordingly and that is what we do. We practice fair trade.

As you can see there are many reasons why Linda Moringa offers a superior product. Should you decided to purchase your Moringa from Linda Moringa you can rest assured knowing you will receive potent premium quality Moringa that will deliver the highest benefits. If that's not enough for you, then perhaps having a registered nurse at your disposal, might be.

Malawi and Tanzania Sourced

Our pure organic products come from Malawi and Tanzania Africa. Malawi and Tanzania have ideal climate conditions in which to grow Moringa and produces some of the worlds finest Moringa trees through sustainable farming practices. Since this region of the World also has a large population of malnourishment, it makes sense that our product is also geographically located to help combat this problem.

Our products are fair-trade and sustainably harvested which means the local producers get rewarded for producing this fine product. Unlike many other companies, our producers care greatly about the quality of product they harvest.

Premium Organic Moringa

Our Philosophy

We believe in offering the highest quality organic products and free customer support. Have a question or just need a little guidance? All you have to do is ask.