Moringa Oleifera Tea Moringa tea throughout the day gently maintains a level of this amazing plant nutrient in your body... Product #: 20040 Regular price: $14.90 $14.90 In Stock

Moringa Oleifera Tea

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Moringa powder brewed and consumed in a tea form releases a more concentrated measure of its nutrients. Some chronic health problems respond more promptly as you infuse your system with Moringa in a tea. Drinking Moringa tea throughout the day gently maintains a level of this amazing plant nutrient in your body. This method might inspire a positive response to a lingering problem, all the while meeting the general nutritional needs your body requires on a daily basis.

Product Description: Moringa tea
Net weight: 20 teabags with 2.5gr tea (50gr total)
Ingredients: Moringa Oleifera green powder (no other ingredients)
Genetic modification: Without genetic modification (non-gmo)
Allergens: Free of allergens
Additives: No added ingredients
Cultivation: Organic cultivation
Claims: Vegan, gluten free
Product ID: 20040

Moringa is a great source for vitamins, minerals, trace elements, protein and valuable antioxidants. All ingredients are cultivated under ecologically sustainable conditions in Africa. All our Moringa is harvested by hand and dried with great care to ensure that only the highest quality is produced.

DIRECTIONS Use one teabag per cup. Add boiling water to cup and let the teabag steep as long as desired. Tea will get increasingly spicy as more anti-inflammatory compounds are released. This is particularly beneficial when experiencing a sore throat and to reduce phlegm. Add honey and/ or lemon as desired. Wait until tea has cooled down before drinking.


Over time and consistent use of powdered Moringa Oleifera most users see improvement in general stamina and energy. Improvement in mental clarity, emotional well being and general wellness are also appreciated. The immune system is stimulated and provides resistance to common colds, coughs, virus’ and bacterial infections.

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