Our Story

Linda MoringaWe are here to educate you and provide products to improve your overall health and maintain a nutritional lifestyle.

Our mission is to increase awareness and knowledge about Moringa while also providing a natural solution to a very wide range of issues and human ailments. Moringa is awesome just the way it is without being enriched or changed in any way – our goal is to provide only the pure, organically produced Moringa.

Linda Thompson, owner of Linda Moringa, transplanted from New Jersey to Atlanta, Georgia, in 1986. After enjoying a fulfilling career as a registered nurse, Linda retired in 2002. She enjoyed many diverse roles as a nurse coordinator administering healing to her patients, encouraging and counseling many who struggled with serious health issues. Her life experiences and career overlapped frequently in her pursuit of a healthy existence for herself and her family. Thus she often found herself a pioneer making cutting edge choices that did not become mainstream until later, often merging medicine and natural health methods.

Today, Linda remains active, inquisitive and strong in her faith all of which encompass healthy living with an eye to todays global and cultural issues. Recently, wanting to improve on her current vegetarian regimen for good health and prevention, she was excited to discover Moringa. After due diligence and personal positive results, she knew she had to share her enthusiasm for this amazing plant.

Based on historical accounts, there seems to be no question that the Moringa trees were cultivated in ancient times. These miracle trees were a source for water purification, oil rich in nutrients and leaves for healing a myriad of health issues. Biblical scriptures point to Moringa in Exodus 15:23 and Revelations 22:2. In today’s world, many of us focus on our own health referencing 1Corinthians 3:16 and 2Corinthians 6:16-18, that our body is the living temple of God.

Another essential component to our product is our commitment to the philosophy of fair trade and high standards of purity and ethics.

We at LindaMoringa.com wholeheartedly believe that Moringa is an extraordinary plant that can help everyone - athletes, less active people, older people, adults, children, men, women, those with special eating habits, those with a hectic lifestyle, pregnant women, people with diabetes – it is even great for animals!

Our Philosophy

We believe in offering the highest quality organic products and free customer support. Have a question or just need a little guidance? All you have to do is ask.